What Is The Focus of Worksite Wellness Today? – A Series – Health as A Concept (Think About This!)



Health is certainly the focus of worksite wellness programs today. And you do want your program to have clarity of focus, right? A look at the definitions of health doesn’t really help us to establish what health really is. Beyond the definitions, there are two ways to view health: • The reductionist/mechanistic view . Data used in the field explained in php course in islamabad. • The health creation or production view. The difference in these views can be seen in both the different definitions of health and how health as a concept is implemented or executed. These two different views see health as being either a personal choice, or as a social responsibility.

Health, when viewed through the reductionist/mechanistic lens, is considered to be either personal or individually determined. This view is about a link between health and the body. The reductionist/mechanistic view is a medical view of health. Health is seen as being a medical problem with medical solutions delivered by medical care. The creating or producing view of health looks at health as being more than just about illness. Some more details of php course in islamabad  are  as under.    This view considers the role of social, environmental, economics and behavior as determinants and moderators of health. In this view, health is more than about the individual and is seen in human social and cultural terms.

When it comes to the creating or producing view of health, all the following matter:• How we are treated in society • How equitable society is • How clean the environment is • Living and working conditions • How much control individuals have over their work and personal lives ,In this view, health is a social responsibility and the belief is that socioeconomic circumstances are more powerful in creating or producing health than medical care. As seen through this view, the main determinants of health are: • Factors unique to the individual • Individual behavior/lifestyle factors • Social and community networks • Material living and working conditions • General socioeconomic, cultural and environmental conditions. TSK Training for Skills and Knowledge is the best institute in Rawalpindi Islamabad for Pakistani Students who wants to join php course in rawalpindi.



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