Wellness Coordinators – Are You Dumbing Down Your Worksite Wellness Program? (How Come?)

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The concept of wellness is a broad, multi-dimensional concept. And you do want your wellness program to have the greatest possible impact, correct? The term dumbing down is a relative term. How it is perceived depends upon the eye of the beholder. Dumbing down essentially means to deliberately diminish the intellectual level of a concept. The term dumbing down originated in 1933 in the movie-business by motion picture screenplay writers seeking to revise scripts so they would appeal to those of little education or intelligence. Data used in the field explained in php course in islamabad.  The nature of dumbing-down varies according to the subject matter and the reason for diminishing the intellectual level of the subject or topic.

So how does dumbing down relate to worksite wellness? While wellness is a broad, multi-dimensional, holistic concept that focuses on the total person, Some more details of php course in islamabad  are  as under.   what constitutes most worksite wellness programs today is a singular focus on just physical health. Employers, vendors and worksite wellness practitioners have allowed wellness as it was originally conceived and designed to be reduced to a simplistic effort addressing just employee health status.

All of the pioneers in the wellness field viewed wellness as being holistic and multi-dimensional. For example:• Don Ardell began with a 5 dimension mode • Bill Hitler’s model has 6 dimensions • John Travis’ model has 12 dimensions. Even after the field began to focus exclusively on just physical health, in 1994, Michael Arloski wrote about a 10 dimension model. So why was wellness dumbed down to just addressing physical health? I believe two factors are responsible. The first resulted from a 1970’s societal interest in addressing cardiovascular disease and later other chronic diseases such as diabetes. The second factor relates to the ever-increasing employee health related costs employers are experiencing. TSK Training for Skills and Knowledge is the best institute in Rawalpindi Islamabad for Pakistani Students who wants to join php course in rawalpindi.




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