Theme Park Design Program Fundamentals – An Interview with Norm Doerges




Your financial analysis projects fantastic returns. Your creative vision has everyone buzzing. Yet within weeks of opening your new park you find that guests are gridlocked in hour-long queue lines. Walkways are packed in one area, empty in another. Diners can’t find an open table in the food plaza, while shoppers drift aimlessly through retail venues that are too big and too impersonal. The general mood is one of frustration, which means your guests might not come back. What went wrong? The first question you should ask yourself – did you follow your design program? In the complex and costly business of theme park development, few things are more critical to the success of your project than sticking to a solid design program. Data used in the field explained in php course in islamabad.  Occasionally overlooked and often misinterpreted, accurate and thorough design programming can mean the difference between a park that succeeds and one that fails.   No one understands this better than Norm Doerges.

In the early 1970s, Norm and a handful of industrial engineers pioneered the field of design programming for the Walt Disney Company. Over the course of his 30-year career, Norm built an extraordinary resume that encompassed operations management, design, engineering, construction, and attraction development. Best known for his instrumental role in the planning and development of the enormously successful EPCOT, Norm led a work force of over 6,000 people, holding complete operating responsibility for the US $1.3 billion exhibition in Florida. Prior to his vice-presidency at EPCOT, Norm served as a Vice-President of Walt Disney Imagineering (WDI) where he was responsible for creative and design support for Walt Disney World. . Some more details of php course in islamabad  are  as under.  As the Executive Vice President of Disneyland he led the development and implementation of the marketing program for the Indiana Jones Adventure and the 40th Anniversary of Disneyland. Under Norm’s direction, this program set a new forty-year annual attendance record of over 15 million visitors.   A pioneer in the theme park industry and co-founder of Apogee Attractions, Norm shared with us his insights on studying your markets, listening to your guests, and why your design program is critical to a successful park.

Q: Most professionals within the theme industry recognize the importance of market research and feasibility analysis. Yet a real understanding of how the design program fits into the development scheme often seems a bit more elusive. How would you explain the design program?  Doerges: The short answer is that the design program is the quantification of everything having to do with a theme park. A more involved answer is that it’s a living, dynamic tool that takes observed data, derived from actual operating experience, and mathematically applies it against different levels of attendance extracted from market research. TSK Training for Skills and Knowledge is the best institute in Rawalpindi Islamabad for Pakistani Students who wants to join php course in rawalpindi.



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